About Phoebe Corde

I'm a New York-based writer, dramaturg, digital illustrator, and lover of storytelling in all its mediums. I've spent the last five years bringing new and upcoming artists to the stage and to the page -- originally as Editor-in-Chief of New London's Cadenza Literary & Arts Magazine, then as a dramaturg in The Public Theater's New Work Development department. Currently, I am Resident Dramaturg and director of the R&D Group at The Civilians, an investigative theater company based in Brooklyn. I am also on the artistic board of Off-Brand Opera, a theater company focused on breaking the 

boundaries between opera and musical theater, as well as a freelance dramaturg and illustrator, and have worked with up and coming playwrights, composers, directors, authors, and artists across mediums. My own art includes novels (Ananke, An Angel Among The Devil's Children), plays (12:15 Earthly Time), graphic novels (Red Room On A Dark Web), digital paintings, and commissioned work. As a mixed race Latina, life-long artist, and spooky October baby, my work often fictionalizes my own experience within the realms of magical realism, science fiction, fantasy, and horror.


Current Projects



A new horror musical by Emily Garber and Jake Landau, based on the classic tale of Eros and Psyche. A young girl is flung into the land between realms by an angry goddess and forced to marry a monster that only emerges at night. A ruined tower between a forest of shades is her only refuge by day, until darkness falls and her husband calls. As the realm's shadows and secrets begin to take shape, though, her monster steps into the light -- and she must wonder how different she really is from her lonely tower's other inhabitant.

dezba and kevin sketch.png


A graphic novel adaptation of Joshua Young's play, Red Room on a Dark Web. Two desperate teenagers, Kevin and Dezba, need quick, hard cash to finance an escape from their post-industrial city. Decayed factories, now rusted and ruined metal monsters, bully and taunt the teens as this town of urban decay literally poisons them with its bad air and bad water. The friends feel like they’ve struck gold when they find a “Create the best Creepypasta” contest on the darknet that awards $10,000. But when Dezba’s father’s stash of valuable copper is stolen he does the unthinkable after he learns his daughter knows how to make money on the darknet.