A collection of short stories. A series of haunted evenings in a city under the thumb of a hundred ancient gods and near-gods -- Rome. A man meets a haunting relic in the chapel of an old church. A young woman contests her fate. Two artists play emperor for an evening. A nun finds the truth behind superstition. A lost child finds something more than her father.

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A NaNoWriMo novel. Ancient beings that have walked the earth since the beginning finally gain the power to launch an attack on the human race, successfully wiping out all but eight people. Those that are left move by night to find each other, and, once they do, discover they are far more powerful together than they originally thought.

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A NaNoWriMo novel. For the first time in eons, Fate intervenes. As the destiny of the world falls off track, stifling one girl's newfound agency may be the key to keeping it from chaos -- or plunging it further down the slope.

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A musical. A retelling of Exodus set in 1919 New Orleans. A female cornet player plays jazz funerals by day and turns grave robber by night. When a serial killer strikes the city in the same moment an old friend returns to it, it is no longer the money and sweet rolls left between graves that catch her eye -- it's the bodies.

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